We will teach you everything through gradual implementation

Make your design work easier and switch to modern BIM technologies. We will explain to you the full process of its implementation and we will make sure its launch and operation are smooth.

We will teach you how to use Autodesk BIM platform to make project documentation and BIM models while sustaining the current productivity of labour.

We will train you in Autodesk Revit® usage for creating models with all professional parts: architecture, building design, statics, air conditioning, heating, cooling, and electricity. We will even provide support in the area of water constructions.

We will start in three steps:

  1. We will perform an analysis and find out how to begin our cooperation.
  2. We will train you in software basics.
  3. Together, we will process a pilot project in your office.

After finishing the initial part of launching BIM software, we will offer our specialist services. Look at the options of our service.