BuildingSMART is a global organization that supports the transformation and digitalization of the construction industry through the implementation of open standards for building information modeling. They actively contribute to the development of these standards on an international scale and also develop and manage industry standards such as IFC (Industry Foundation Classes). BuildingSMART International creates a common language for widely used processes, enabling companies and governments to execute projects in a transparent manner with comparable service evaluations and assured data quality. It improves the accessibility, usability, management, and sustainability of digital data in the construction sector.

BuildingSMART CERTIFIKATION Foundation – Basic

BuildingSMART Professional Certification is a program for individual education and qualification enhancement of professionals in the field of BIM management. It contributes to ensuring quality, accuracy, and efficiency in the construction industry, encompassing the processes of design, implementation, and facility management. The certification is divided into two levels, with the “Foundation” level being the necessary basic level that declares the required level of understanding in terms of knowledge and comprehension. The subsequent level, “Practitioner”, builds upon the foundation level and demonstrates a high level of ability to apply acquired knowledge and, most importantly, practical experience.


The objective of BuildingSMART as an industry association is to actively participate in the development of national and international regulations through open standards and its own product-independent guidelines. BuildingSMART, for example, has developed and globally disseminated the IFC format and continues to work on its development and improvement. Many BIM software products utilize this format. Furthermore, BuildingSMART has effectively identified the need for standards in further BIM education for digital planning, construction, and building operation. In this area as well, BuildingSMART, in collaboration with its partners, has developed reliable global standards.

To ensure quality and expertise, it is essential to qualify professionals, which is why we offer the BuildingSMART Course – Foundation – Basic, in which you will:

  • Gain clarity on basic definitions and key terminology related to BIM, while understanding the reasons and benefits of implementing BIM compared to traditional design, including conditions and measures for BIM capabilities within an organization.
  • Discover the significant role played by open and collaborative solutions and information sharing through a common data environment (CDE) in BIM.
  • Finally, master project information management using BIM in accordance with ISO 19650.



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